Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Self control

I'm just gonna say it, my self control sucks! I hate that there are left overs in the house and I ate them. Grrrr. Not happy with myself at all. I wish there were good diet foods out there that would make me not miss good tasting but bad for you food. UGH!! Well, there's always the chance to start over again tomorrow. I have to keep in mind my reasons for wanting to do this:
1. So I can live a nice long life for my daughter
2. So I can do all sorts of things with Lexi and not worry about my weight holding me back
3. So that in a few years I can wear a bikini!
4.So that I feel good about my body!
5. So that I can pass healthy habits on to Lexi
6. So I can love what I see in the mirror

There are more but that's what is coming to mind now. I'm disappointed in myself but I realize that there is tomorrow to start over again.

Good night all!

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