Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Self control

I'm just gonna say it, my self control sucks! I hate that there are left overs in the house and I ate them. Grrrr. Not happy with myself at all. I wish there were good diet foods out there that would make me not miss good tasting but bad for you food. UGH!! Well, there's always the chance to start over again tomorrow. I have to keep in mind my reasons for wanting to do this:
1. So I can live a nice long life for my daughter
2. So I can do all sorts of things with Lexi and not worry about my weight holding me back
3. So that in a few years I can wear a bikini!
4.So that I feel good about my body!
5. So that I can pass healthy habits on to Lexi
6. So I can love what I see in the mirror

There are more but that's what is coming to mind now. I'm disappointed in myself but I realize that there is tomorrow to start over again.

Good night all!

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

My heart hurts

I can't imagine what the parents and families of the Sandy Hook tragedy are feeling! I would never ever want to be in their shoes. I can't imagine what is going through the minds of the kids who witnessed this! Their thought should be on what toys to play with, playing with other kids, and getting excited for Christmas. My heart hurts so much for the loss, the loss of lives, the loss of innocence on the things they weren't supposed to see. I can't even comprehend how I would feel and its easier for me to deal with what I would have seen. They are babies. They shouldn't have to deal with adult things like that. I just feel sorry. I wish I could hold every parent, every child, and tell them that I'm so sorry for their loss. I wish there was something I could do to take the pain away. No parent should have to go through that, let alone a child. I just can't imagine what those parents are feeling that wrapped gifts that won't be opened. I just can't comprehend it.

Nap time is a huge meltdown today but I'm thankful for every minute of it because I have my child. It makes you grateful for every minute you do have even the bad moments. I wouldn't trade them for anything. Parents, hug you child/children a little bit tighter. Appreciate every single moment you have with them. Take the time to cuddle with them or play with them, because laundry, dishes, housework, and other things can wait till later. Take that time. You don't know what could happen tomorrow or even later today. We aren't promised a tomorrow. So don't put off until tomorrow what you can do right now. Put a little note of love in their lunch. Just let them know how much you love them and think about them. They deserve it. And teach them what to do in case of an emergency. I was watching Dr. Phil and he was talking to a set of parents that their little one escaped out of that room. Those parents told him a while ago that if you see someone with a gun in the school, you run. It saved his life. I don't know what his name is but please be praying for those little ones and the families. Pray that angels will wrap their arms around those kids and parents. Remember those families.

Have a Merry Christmas. Enjoy your families no matter how screwed up they may be. Be thankful! And remember what next Tuesday is all about. 

Saturday, December 1, 2012

A little less wisdomess...

Well I have 50% less wisdom than I did yesterday morning. I am glad that I didn't have to have all 4 wisdom teeth out because I am in pain. I remember most of the surgery even though they said I would forget it. The doctor was really mean to his nurses and I didn't like that one bit. It's not fun to work in an environment like that. Any bosses who are reading this, take note. No one likes to work in a negative and rude environment. It doesn't make your employees want to work for you or make you happy. In fact, you might get a laxative put in your drink so be careful! 

My mouth is a little puffy and I would like to just eat some pizza. Thanks Amy Donaldson for putting that in my head. Now whenever I see a pizza commercial I have to have it! I blame you! The dentist didn't cut the stitches short enough and they are bothering me so hopefully they dissolve soon! I have been sleepy on and off and light headed so that's not fun, but my husband is doing an amazing job not letting me do anything and I mean anything around the house so that I get better quicker. He even took Monday off to help make sure I am better and to help take care of Lex! What a sweetheart.

I am in the process of making a few Christmas cards. This is the first time doing this.

So I hope they turn out well.

Okay, its time for me to go rest now.
Have a great evening!!

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Tis the Season

And so the craziness begins. Trying to think of gifts to get for people. I finished shopping for Lex already. Not doing much for her since it won't be that big of a deal for her. I already have an idea of some things I'm getting. My philosophy is to shop smarter this year and save some money, take advantage of freebies that I receive through emails and look for good deals. I'm really good at good deal shopping, I mean that's how I got a pair of jeans from JC Pennies for $1! : )

I'm hoping for the possibility of snow this year so that Lex can see it. If not, there's always next year when it will be more memorable for her. I'm not really into making thing happen right now for her. Like we didn't do anything for Halloween because she's not walking and she has no use for candy anyway so I saw no point in buying a costume. I think that is a practical way of thinking. I also know what cake I'm going to make for Lex for her first birthday and it will only be a small cupcake. 

I don't know how much blogging I will get done this month due to a clingy baby (ugh LORD HELP ME!!!!),  wisdom teeth removal (LORD PLEASE LET ME SLEEP THOUGH EVERYTHING INCLUDING THE FEW DAYS AFTER THAT I WILL BE IN PAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!), and the Christmas shopping and spending time with family. Family is more important than a blog anyway. : )

Sunday, November 18, 2012


I can't believe how long its been since I have blogged! So much is happening. Papa was in the hospital and is still battling with whatever he has. The doctors still don't know what is causing him to keep coughing. I just feel bad because I want him to get better.

Lexi is doing so many new things. Its hard to keep up with all of it! She's able to drink from a straw, she's eating off my plate, her two bottom teeth have popped through the gums... There's just so much that I would have to go get the calendar to see what all she has done since I blogged last.

New changes are happening! Josh is getting some settlement money for his accident which should for the most part get us out of our debt! I don't know what we are gonna do with ourselves with not having to spend so much money on medical bills each month! We are looking at buying Nana and Papa's house. So many things are changing!

The ducks lost. Our first and hopefully only loss of the season! I know we are going to kick some beaver butt next weekend! 

Next week is Thanksgiving. I have so much to be thankful for:
1. A roof over my head
2. A loving husband
3. A very healthy and beautiful baby (the most beautiful baby EVER I might add!)
4. A loving family
5. Joey!
6. A car
7. To be able to stay at home and raise my daughter
8. The ability to be a good cook!!

The list goes on and on. I challenge you to think about all that God has provided for you over the years.

Oh.............and.............uhhhhh......not so thankful for this one but I am having my wisdom teeth out at the end of this month. God, why didn't you just make them disappear like magic? It seems like it would be so much less painful! LOL Pray for me. I'm already a nervous wreck and for those of you who know me know that this is normal for me to be freaking out..............................UGH!

Thursday, November 1, 2012

So much to catch up on!

Wow! I haven't written in forever! Time goes by so fast these days! I can't believe Alexis is 7 and a half months old! I remember watching her sleep hoping she wouldn't wake up! Where has time gone? Oh and what is she doing now you may ask? WELL, she is standing in her crib so we had to lower it! Also, since we have lowered it, she has now learned to stand up again! She is also standing in her play pin, which in the crib I can understand because she can grab onto the bars. There is nothing for her to grab on to stand herself up. *face palm* My job is about to get so much harder. Now I will have to worry about her falling and scraping a body part or hurting herself in general! She's not wanting to take a night time bottle so we have just been feeding her food and rice cereal before bed and for the most part she sleeps through the night. She's crawling and army crawling all over. I can't leave a room without her moving somewhere unless she is in the play pin. She is clapping her hands. She took her first step on Monday. She is pretty much out of 12 month clothes and into 18 months. (LORD HELP ME!!!!!) She is a growing little girl and I couldn't be more proud to say "I'm her mama." 

I had a great birthday. I think it was the best one in years actually. Everything went pretty smooth and the ducks won to top it off! The day after my birthday, mom, Lex and I went shopping. I managed (I don't know how) to find a pair of jeans at JC Penny's for $1. All I have to say is that it pays to shop on the clearance rack. 

I have found something new. Selling items on Facebook! I have made $10 which I'm putting towards rice cereal for Lex. I'm in the process of selling 4 diapers to a lady in Colorado. Then I will use that money to buy 2 brand new bum genius snap diapers. Things are flowing and I can't say I hate it. : ) Oh and Josh and I are going to marriage counseling for a "tune up" which is actually quite nice. I think that more couples should. Its just nice to get a Godly perspective through a Christian Counselor. I recommend Carolyn Rexius! She's very nice! Like I said, things are flowing quite nicely! Enjoy your weekend!

And oh.........

GO DUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Tomorrow is my birthday

I never usually make a big deal about my birthday since I had bad experiences when I was younger, but I think I'm finally getting over it! It's my birthday week and I'm excited for it! This is my first birthday that Lex will get to be there other than in my tummy. So much has changed it a year and I can hardly believe it. Yesterday Lex turned 7 months old! I can't believe how fast time is flying! One day she will be standing on a chair cooking with me in the kitchen! Speaking of the kitchen, I made pretzel rolls for the first time yesterday and they turned out soooooo yummy!

For my birthday, I'm making the Paula Deen Cut the Calories Coconut cream pie plus whatever dessert that Josh wants. We are celebrating his and my birthdays tomorrow. (is that correct grammar? It looks weird) Also watched an episode of extreme couponing and I have no idea how they do that. I think that  someone needs to do everything for me and I will just give them my list and go with them Ha ha ha ha!