Thursday, November 1, 2012

So much to catch up on!

Wow! I haven't written in forever! Time goes by so fast these days! I can't believe Alexis is 7 and a half months old! I remember watching her sleep hoping she wouldn't wake up! Where has time gone? Oh and what is she doing now you may ask? WELL, she is standing in her crib so we had to lower it! Also, since we have lowered it, she has now learned to stand up again! She is also standing in her play pin, which in the crib I can understand because she can grab onto the bars. There is nothing for her to grab on to stand herself up. *face palm* My job is about to get so much harder. Now I will have to worry about her falling and scraping a body part or hurting herself in general! She's not wanting to take a night time bottle so we have just been feeding her food and rice cereal before bed and for the most part she sleeps through the night. She's crawling and army crawling all over. I can't leave a room without her moving somewhere unless she is in the play pin. She is clapping her hands. She took her first step on Monday. She is pretty much out of 12 month clothes and into 18 months. (LORD HELP ME!!!!!) She is a growing little girl and I couldn't be more proud to say "I'm her mama." 

I had a great birthday. I think it was the best one in years actually. Everything went pretty smooth and the ducks won to top it off! The day after my birthday, mom, Lex and I went shopping. I managed (I don't know how) to find a pair of jeans at JC Penny's for $1. All I have to say is that it pays to shop on the clearance rack. 

I have found something new. Selling items on Facebook! I have made $10 which I'm putting towards rice cereal for Lex. I'm in the process of selling 4 diapers to a lady in Colorado. Then I will use that money to buy 2 brand new bum genius snap diapers. Things are flowing and I can't say I hate it. : ) Oh and Josh and I are going to marriage counseling for a "tune up" which is actually quite nice. I think that more couples should. Its just nice to get a Godly perspective through a Christian Counselor. I recommend Carolyn Rexius! She's very nice! Like I said, things are flowing quite nicely! Enjoy your weekend!

And oh.........

GO DUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!

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