Thursday, October 4, 2012


Fall is here! I like fall! Its the rain that I don't like! Yes, I know its Oregon but the rain can be so depressing especially when we have so much of it. Another thing I didn't like about fall was the fact that it was too cold to go grill outside and at this point I would have to take Lex outside with me to grill, but now there's a solution!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! BROILING!!!!!! I made steaks last night and for the FIRST TIME EVER I made myself a medium steak and Josh a medium rare steak! I can't wait to do burgers! Oh my gosh this has just opened up my world. Tonight I'm doing chicken! 

Fall. I think of hot chocolate, warm soups, football season, birthdays...etc. So many things. Its my bestie's birthday today! Happy birthday Court! Can't believe you're 24 and I CAN'T WAIT to see what 24 brings for you! You have no idea!!! Hey Court, I was thinking that we should start looking for our mansion to move into together! I can even watch your kids and my kids and they can grow up together! I at the very least expect if we outlive our husbands we are going to find a house together and be 2 crazy old ladies that get the cops called on us because we are making so much noise and making fun of the neighbors and playing "you team" at the age of 90! Seriously!

Tomorrow is Friday and the time Lex and I get to spend with Nonnie! I'm quite excited! We didn't get to spend time together last weekend! Also, I'm excited for the game on Saturday! GO DUCKS! Win The Day!!!!!!!!!!

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  1. Oh that's right. It's her birthday. Happy Birthday Courtney! I'm pretty sure Travis and I wouldn't move in together if you guys died first. But for what it's worth I'm ok with you doing whatever you want when I'm dead. Hopefully I'll still have life insurance on me when that happens so you can have some fun. ;-)