Tuesday, June 19, 2012

For Starters...

    Well, for starters, I'm a new mom. Big surprise I know. I am 23 and will be 24 soon. I have a beautiful daughter, an amazing husband, and a perfect cat. My little girl is 3 months old and she has my heart. I'm not the best mom but I give it all I have. My husband has made it possible for me to be a stay at home mom. I will be forever grateful for that. 
    I'm starting this blog to not only document my daily life but to also keep myself accountable. I NEED to lose some weight. Unlike a good chunk of women, I actually weighed less during my pregnancy than before I got pregnant. I lost 50 pounds during the pregnancy and after have gained 20 pounds back. :( Not so happy about that, but I know its my food choices and a lack of exercise. Time to start dieting. Boooo. Oh well. I plan on posting good healthy recipes in my blog because I LOVE to cook. That's another one of my issues. I now will take on the task of making healthy things taste good... Many people have tried but SOOOOOO many have failed! :D Therefore it is my mission to get healthy but enjoy it! 
    My husband. Sometimes he gets on my nerves and I want to scream. Sometimes he does the most amazing things for me such as being the bread winner so I can raise our daughter. He's a nerd lol. He's also the most amazing dad and husband I could ever ask for. My next mission is to teach him how to cook. The first meal he ever made for me was a mix of canned chili, canned black olives, nacho cheese, canned clam chowder and fettuccine noodles. ICK! We then had an agreement that until he learned how to cook he could only cook from a box or from a recipe and NOT to deviate. Needless to say he hasn't done much cooking. 
    My daughter. I love her soooooooo much! She looks almost exactly like me when I was her age. She's beautiful and fun and just started sleeping in her crib. Happy momma to say the least. She had a rough start in the beginning but she is a fighter just like me and to say "I'm proud" is a major understatement. She is smiling and trying to talk in her own language. She's on the verge of laughing which I'm very excited for. I can't wait to experience "firsts" with her. :)
    My cat, Joey. He's not like most cats. Most cats have a mind of their own and only want attention on their terms. Joey is quite the opposite. He's so affectionate and gets his feelings hurt if he's not greeted when we get home. He's definitely a snuggler and purrs SO loud. His purr was one of the reasons we chose him. He's our first child and our daughter is our second. :D 
    That's all for now. My goal is to post everyday, but with a baby, cat, laundry, dishes, and cleaning who knows if that will happen. I couldn't be happier with my life. :)


  1. Loved reading this. So proud of you! Mom

  2. NiIiIice! Now I won't feel so alone being the only one who's made a blog in the family. My job as a nerd is complete. ;-) Love it babe. Keep it up! <3

  3. Josh, you are retarded lol. Me getting this blog had nothing to do with you :)