Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Like a MAD WOMAN!!!!

    Yesterday after dreading doing housework, something hit me and I cleaned like a mad woman. I cleaned so much I forgot to eat breakfast and lunch. Then mom and I went to run errands which burned calories (and so did the housework) which made it able for mom and I to split a small bbq chicken pizza at bj's and split a pizookie! YA! What kind of diet let's you have a pizookie??? This one! I earned it! I still had 1200+ calories to go at the end of my night! I felt very good!
    I'm going all out on my diet on Friday. I had to wait till I get paid to get some healthier things in the house. I apologize for any misspelled words, Joey is helping me write today's blog, or rather blocking the screen so I can't see what I'm writing. Gotta love him! He has to be in the middle of everything. I wouldn't have it any other way. Right now he's playing with stuff on my desk. That's another reason I should clean it off lol.
    For those of you who know Joey or have seen him, his is a BIG cat. Sometimes when I hold him he crawls up onto my shoulder and I go forward and SOMEHOW he ends up sitting on my back. Ask my mom, she witnessed this! Also he has this thing where he doesn't like any doors closed except the one to the garage. So if you come over and see doors to closets open, you will know why! He's weird, but I wouldn't have it any other way. He keeps my life interesting! Have a good Tuesday!

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  1. He likes to help me in my PC Gaming too. Hehehehe. Love that cat. <3