Thursday, June 21, 2012


    Well, yesterday I didn't get to go for a walk in the beautiful weather yesterday. As I said, she was SUPER FUSSY! When I went to put her in her car seat to put it in the stroller she screamed bloody murder and I wasn't going to have people staring at me because I couldn't get my kid to stop crying. Today we will attempt again in the beautiful weather. She is tons better today so far. She woke up at 7 and I fed her and put her down expecting that she not let me sleep much more. She let me sleep till 11! I don't remember the last time I slept till 11 even during and before I was pregnant! It was lovely. She had a good amount of awake time and even had some good tummy time which if you know me, tummy time has been miserable! It wasn't very long but she's lifting her head a lot more than before! She even went down for a nap without a fight today which is night and day from yesterday!
    I need to get back into scrap booking, especially of Lex. I found some amazing space saving ideas on pinterest! Love that site!
    I realize I need to get better at stating how I feel. Yesterday, Josh (my husband) let me go to the store for a couple of things we needed and after yesterday I NEEDED to get out of the house to keep from going crazy. Everything was great, I was enjoying my few minutes out and was headed out to my car to put the groceries in and head back home. As I was putting the groceries in, a man stopped me. He was about my age and made it clear that he was Italian. He started off with "Hey can I ask you a few questions? You don't look stuck up or anything." Red flag went up because I had my purse sitting in the cart. I think maybe he noticed that I was probably thinking that. He said, "I'm not a creeper or anything I'm in a broadcasting class and I have to give a schpeal (or however you spell it) to help me with public speaking. A half an hour later he wanted me to buy a magazine or a book to help his team earn points. I kept saying I didn't have the money and that my husband was in charge of finances to which he replied, "Just do it and tell him later." I said I don't have that kind of money (and I wanted to say and if I did I wouldn't spend it on someone who came up to me in a parking lot) and I can't do it today. He's like, "You don't have $20?" I said no I don't and he then told me I could go get $20 from the ATM. I then said, "I don't have any money until payday." Then he finally left me alone. I just wanted a small outing out of the house to get some "me" time. People irritate me. Why can't I just speak my mind?????? If you have any tips, please let me know! I need help in this area. Well, I think that's all for today.
    Oh, here's a pic of my beautiful cat! Love him! I know you're jealous!

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  1. Parking lot do0d confirmed for creep. Good ridance.