Monday, September 10, 2012

It's been a while!

WOW! It's been a while since I posted! Mom was on vacation last week and we did lots of stuff! Lex tried chicken for the first time and HATED it! It just may have been too soon. She also drank from a sippy cup and held it for the first time by herself! So much is changing! She will be 6 months old this Sunday! Where has time gone??? Its like it was yesterday that I was sitting on my hospital bed and my baby was on machines to breathe! Maybe someday soon I will put up what I wrote just days after coming home from the hospital while it was fresh in my mind.

Today I did two things I never thought I would do. 1. I got extensions. 2. I got magenta ones! I LOVE THEM!!! Here's a picture:

Oh my gosh they are soooooo fun!

Lex has been doing this "cough" thing in order to get attention. Its so funny! She doesn't get that animals can't talk like humans do so she has been coughing at Lucy (Mom and Dad's dog) and Rocky (Auntie and Uncle's dog) to get their attention. It doesn't work but she tries anyway. Here's a video of her "cough" LOL

She just gets cuter and cuter everyday! She's teething SO bad right now! I want to pull my hair out or take her place! I feel so bad for her and for me because we aren't getting much good quality sleep in this house! AAAAHHHHHHHHH!!!!! Pray for us!

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