Wednesday, September 19, 2012

New task...

So I said in the beginning I was going to do my own cookbook. Its not stuff that I have come up with. Well, I'm sure eventually I will put some of my own recipes in here, but I have a problem with measuring! I rarely do it the same every time but I guess that's why. I guess a new personal goal would be to start measuring and writing down my own recipes. This book is just so I don't have to look at a recipe card and then if anyone wants one of my recipes I can just print off what I have typed up.

Last night was a rough night. Lex didn't eat much before bed because she was so tired so she woke up at 11pm to eat. Then went back to bed pretty easily. Then at 1am she woke up screaming like she was in pain. I had to rock her to try to get her to lay back down and she didn't end up going back to sleep until 2am. Its been a long time since we had a night like that. Then she was up at 5am and I didn't think she was hungry but she kept fussing so I made a bottle. She only ate 1 oz. and then took her own sweet time falling back to sleep. Then she woke up at 8:45am and didn't want to eat so it was safe to say we were officially "up" for the morning. I tried feeding her around 10:45am and she only ate 3oz out of 7. I have a feeling its going to be a long day. On another note, I got a "bad mommy point" yesterday. I had her laying on my bed in the middle and walked to the linen closet to put some towels away that I was folding. I could see her from where I was and then took my eyes away for maybe 15 seconds and all the sudden I head a boom and run in to find Lex on the floor crying. I picked her up immediately and soothed her and apologized for being a bad mom and that I wasn't going to do that again. Now she's on the move with rolling around and soon she will be crawling and walking. The days of setting her or laying her on the couch or bed and walking away for a second are gone. My life is about to get a little more crazy. I can feel it!  

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