Saturday, September 1, 2012

It's FINALLY here!!!!

This is Lexi's first Oregon Football Game (Outside of my tummy of course!)!! It's dawning on me all the things I get to do now, now that I'm not working. I don't have to start Christmas in August. I don't have to worry about asking for time off to go see Josh's grandparents. I don't have to worry about missing an Oregon game because I may have to work. I can have a cup of coffee in the morning. I don't have to rush rush rush when I get up unless there is a mess to attend to LOL. I can enjoy being a mommy of a beautiful little girl and a furry little boy.

Today we are having potato mushroom soup (made by me), weiner wraps, rolls and for dessert waffle brownies (thank you pinterest to opening my mind to such an amazing thing) with ice cream and homemade whipped cream!

Oh and we are watching the Ducks play on the big screen! And by the big screen I mean and big projector in Nana and Papa's house! That's the next best thing to being inside of Autzen Stadium! I love my ducks!


  1. Everything about this post sounds amazing, Jess! I'm so happy for you!

  2. Oh, but it is! :) It is so lovely! In 15 days I will have a 6 month old! Hard to believe huh? She misses her auntie Courtney! I miss you more though! How's life????? Love you!