Thursday, July 26, 2012

A raise!

Josh got a "positive review" yesterday! I'm so proud of him and he scored really high on his review for being a new hire!

On another plus side, I got my desk all cleaned up and got the corner in our living room cleaned from clearing out what used to be my room that is now Lexi's. So proud of myself. On the list soon is to clean the garage but I will have to have a babysitter that day because I don't exactly want to put Lex in her walker in the garage and the baby monitor doesn't reach that far. So the next list is follows:
1. Clean the Garage.
2. Scrapbook my wedding. Yes I am aware that is has been almost 4 years.
3. Scrapbook Lexi.

I promised a video of her standing. Here it is.

Also I have more pictures as well : )
This was last night. Josh was holding her and all the sudden we heard heavy breathing and she was out!

This is her dress that she wore at the wedding and might I add did quite well!
This was Lex the day before the wedding. I had to lay her down in her stroller and stick her in a dark hall so she could sleep :)

Mom, Heidi, and I were at Papa's Pizza and Lex was staring at the wall and all the sudden fell asleep like this : D That's my daughter!

Needless to say I'm a proud Mama!

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