Friday, July 13, 2012

My new tan!

To start off I am tan in places that have NEVER EVER seen the sun! LOL!!!! Mom and I had quite an experience today and plan on going back next week so we look good for Heidi's wedding. I will take pictures of the finished product tomorrow. I LOVE IT!

Mom and I had a pretty long day. It started off with mom coming over and then I get a call from my bestie. Love you Court! She's talking about grocery shopping and then tells me she's going up to her door and there are kids there. Then all the sudden I hear a knock at the door and I look out the peephole and there are kids at my door too. So I said, "hey that's weird there's kids at my front door too." She then says there's three at my door then I go to look to see how many are at my door and then I see Courtney walking up behind them!!!! The kids kinda ruined the surprise but I had NO clue Courtney was coming. It was sooooooo great seeing her!

Then Mom, Lex and I did our Friday thing and got errands run, went to appointments, did a little shopping, then dropped Lex off with Josh so we could finish the grocery shopping. We were out until 10:30! That's late for us but we had soooo much fun. They shouldn't let us out at night. All in all today was such a great day despite being Friday the 13th. The "Friday the 13th" thing freaked us out when we had to write that date on the consent form to get out tans. Wow! We had A LOT OF FUN today. I am so tired but I still have laundry and just finished dishes. Oh and I also have to check out my new tan body lol. 
Goodnight All! 

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  1. That's awesome. :-) I'm glad you had fun. You need more days like that to yourself. I'm always happy to spend more 1 on 1 time with our baby girl. Besides, she enjoys sitting on daddy's lap helping him kill the bad guys on the screen. Which is exactly what we did while you were out & about. Hehehe. So precious.