Wednesday, July 4, 2012


    Happy INDEPENDENCE DAY!! No matter how much of our independence that was fought so hard for and so many lives were lost, Obama is still trying to take our freedom away a little at a time! If you didn't know where I stood on him, now you know! Don't even get me started!!!!

I love the FREEDOM I have. The freedom to raise my daughter the way I want to, to lift my hands in worship, to say when I think the president of this country is running it straight into the ground, to support our wonderful troops that put their lives on the line everyday. Thanks Mike Raaf for serving this country! I love you big brother!

Lex enjoyed what she saw of the fireworks. She's very tired and hasn't gone down for bed yet. We are working on it. Hopefully it goes okay. Our neighborhood is rather noisy! Here's a pic of Lex enjoying the fireworks lol...
She's asleep if you couldn't tell! :) Goodnight all! Don't take your freedom for granted. I don't!

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  1. I was surprised how well she did all night. Even Joey didn't freak out too much. It was a good night. Happy 4th. :-)