Sunday, July 29, 2012

Growing like a weed!

My daughter is getting bigger and bigger everyday. Now she is in 12-18 month clothes and is only 4 months! Aaaahhh! It's hard to keep up with her. If you buy her clothes, ask me what size she is in first! PLEASE! She is getting so big!

We finished squash! It was ok, not her favorite by any means. We start carrots today. So far we have done green beans, peas, squash and are now starting carrots. We only have sweet potatoes left for the veggies before we can start fruits! She is a very healthy little girl! And her gums on the bottom are turning white because teeth are getting close. She is drooling like nobody's business! LOL! 

Another new thing....She is now using her stroller without the use of the car seat! This isn't fair! Yes I know she has to grow up but I don't want her to! She is pretty much rolling over from back to tummy as well! Big changes in the Johnson Household! Next thing will be her driving my car. LORD HELP US!!!!! LOL! Well that's all for today. We have cousin Maxwell's birthday party to go to today.

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