Wednesday, July 11, 2012


I have lost 2.1lbs so far. Still not fast but I could lower my calories and lose faster. Maybe I will............. Lex is starting to reach for things now. Quite exciting.

Mom and I are thinking of getting a spray tan for Heidi's wedding. Never done that before. I'm calling today to see what prices are and stuff like that. Kinda nervous LOL

On the positive side, I found out I burn more calories cleaning and then I get a super clean house. I cleaned the fridge inside and out yesterday with bleach. NEVER EVER done that before hahahaha. I honestly don't know where the motivation came from. Hmmmm, what will I clean the crap out of today???


  1. You don't want to lower your calories too much. If you drop below a certain amount you wont lose any weight because your body will think you are starving it and it will hold on to everything. If it gets sufficient nutrients it will burn calories quicker because it knows it has enough to 'survive'.

    Eating a little snack every 3 hours boosts your metabolism. I have lost 30lbs so far just by snacking (healthy foods of course) every 3 hours.

    Cleaning is a really good work out because you are using all of your muscles. Another workout that is really fun are the Biggest Loser workout dvds. There 10 min sessions that REALLY work your body. Perfect to do while Lex is napping.

    Keep up the good work and have fun spray tanning, I am curious to hear how that goes if you decide to do it :)

  2. Yeah, the fridge was so clean I could have licked it...ok I would never do that, but it's a figure of speech. Nice job Jess. I don't know where you get the motivation from either, but I sure apreciate it. When you clean you really go at it. :-) You're awesome!