Thursday, July 12, 2012

New things...

Lex is FINALLY starting to like green beans. We (mom's suggestion) added rice cereal to it and it seems to go down better. : ) Thanks Mom! So question for you mom's out there. Can I do green beans one day then carrots the next or do green beans for a while then switch? I'm all new at this! Also, Lex and I had a hard day yesterday but it ended so beautifully! I have to wait to post the video until I show all the right people first! : ) Another thing. Lex is doing well in her walker! Yesterday she was getting fussy and so I said, "come here." and I had my arms stretched out and she walked toward me at least a couple feet! AND AND AND!!!! She reached for me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! She's doing so well, I couldn't be more proud!


  1. When I started Jaden on solids I tried one food for a day or two (unless he didn't like it) and then I would switch. It was just to make sure his body didn't get too many changes all at once. Also trying to avoid any allergies you at least have a shorter list of what would have caused a reaction. It helped cause we found out that he has some skin sensitivity to more acidic food like red pasta sauce/tomatoes/oranges ect, but not actually allergic to it. By keeping the changes slow it will help know the root cause of any reactions to the food(s). Hope this helps, sorry I didn't make it to the shower! I'm glad you had fun! And that amazing that she's reaching for you too! I'm glad you're blogging cause it's nice to hear how you're doing!

  2. This is so exciting! I can't wait to see you guys in a week-ish! Yes, helicopter please!!

  3. It seems smart to not overwhelm their systems with a wide variety of foods too quickly. Makes perfect sense to me. They also don't know what's out there yet, so they don't have a hvance to be pickey yet. That's not gonna last long though. We better enjoy it while it lasts. :-P