Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Dinner and my evening

Dinner went over well. LOVE the recipe!!! Then Mom, Lex, Josh and I went over to hang out with Nana and Papa and enjoy the evening where Lex fell asleep on mom and I had to have mom wake her up so that she would sleep last night. She did pretty well with eating her bottle last night. For those of you who know us she hasn't been eating her bottle before bed and wakes up around 3 to only eat a couple ounces. She ate a good portion last night and went to bed around 9 and slept till 6am ate some and then slept until 9am. All in all good night. 

On the other hand I'm trying to teach Josh to braid my hair because its getting long and I can't braid it behind my head. That, to put it nicely, was a very interesting experience! LOL. If any of you have tips on teaching a guy to braid hair PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE let me know! It's hard to teach someone what to do when it's happening behind your head and you can't see what they are doing. At the end of the night my hair had MANY MANY knots. Oh well. I told him as the dad of a daughter he needs to know how to do this especially if something happens to me. I don't plan on that happening but its better to be prepared. Hope everyone has a good Tuesday! Can't wait for Saturday! I'm making my potato mushroom soup for the duck game! Maybe a snickers cake is in order as well. Not sure though.

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