Thursday, August 2, 2012

Happy Anniversary!

Today, 4 years ago, Josh and I were two hours away from saying our "I Do's." I can't believe it has been 4 years! Crazy and we have two beautiful babies to show for it! Joey gets his good looks from his dad : ) and Lexi get's her good looks from her mom! : ) Today we don't get to spend much time together because Josh has to work late but we have the whole day Saturday to celebrate! Thanks Mom! 

Saturday will start with us getting Lexi ready for Nonnie, then we will eat breakfast and then start cleaning the garage together! Then later that evening we will go to dinner and then a movie possibly or just dinner and dessert! Its going to be a fun weekend. Then on Sunday we are going to our friend's house for dinner and dessert. I'm making dessert. This is what I hope to make :)
I hope it turns out.

Nana is coming over today to get some Lexi time. Speaking of Lexi, she rolled over from her back to her tummy for the first time yesterday. I had her on her back then left the room for a minute and came back to find her on her tummy. I was like, "What??? How did you do that??!!!" Then I put her on her back because she HATES tummy time and she let me know. Why on earth she would want to roll on her tummy when she hates it is beyond me. LOL! Then I walked back out of the room to put something in my room and came back and she was on her tummy again! She was fussing yet again because she was on her tummy. Silly girl! Then I tried to video it and she rolled before I could hit record. So then I had to sit her up with one hand and get my phone ready. Here's the video!
I was so proud of her.

Here is a video of her trying a pickle. This wasn't the first time but she had the exact same reaction.

I love her so much! Just when I think she couldn't get any cuter she does!

Have a Happy Thursday!


  1. It cannot already have been 4 years! I still remember it like it were last week! Happy 4 years Johnsons!!!

  2. Happy, happy, happy anniversary! Can't wait for Saturday so I can get me some "Lexi time"! Nonnie--