Wednesday, August 1, 2012

New tasks........

There are some tasks I am setting for myself to accomplish.
1. Clean the Garage and get rid of crap we don't need.
2. Scrapbook Lexi
3. Scrapbook our wedding
4.Get my scrapbook stuff organized (I guess this should be #2)
5. Create a bucket list.
6. Become a crazy insane coupon-er.

I like to start with a small list so I can accomplish them. I think it will make me feel better to accomplish a small list then I can make another small list and another and another until I'm crossing off  things on my bucket list! Yesterday, Mom, Lexi and I went grocery shopping. I'm sore today though. Also we got another spray tan. Pretty fun! Tomorrow is my 4th wedding anniversary! Can't believe its been 4 years and one baby later. :) Wouldn't trade it for anything! Happy Wednesday!

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