Sunday, August 5, 2012


Well, we didn't get the weeding done which it was super hot outside and I didn't feel like having a heat stroke yesterday so weeding got skipped. Next weekend its in the plans. The garage looks superb!! Also, Lexi belly laughed for the first time yesterday and I missed it!!!!!!!! : ( Sad day for a mama! Auntie and Nonnie got it on their phones so I got to see it. It has been my goal today to get her to laugh. Thing is I think we are gonna have to get a dog or rent a dog or just bring Lucy over or something because she was laughing at Rocky (Uncle and Auntie's Dog) and Lucy (Nonnie and Poppie's dog). 

My Cake is finished and it looks super evil!!!! Here's the picture!
You have to tilt your head. OH MY GOODNESS! It looks so yummy!

Josh and I saw Dark Knight Rises again and they left it open for yet another movie but if its been a while since you watched Dark Knight, watch it before you go see the movie. I need to watch it again as well. They make some good movies.

They are coming out with Wizard of Oz and that one looks good as well as Man of Steel (Superman) which also looks good. We had a good evening after the movie. We went to dinner and then dessert at Sweet Life. SUPER YUMMY! For those of you who haven't been to sweet life I recommend it!
Have a happy Sunday!

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