Wednesday, August 22, 2012


Thing to do today. : ( Not pleasant things. I have laundry and dishes and cleaning to do which I have no motivation for. Annoying! I'm making homemade potato soup for dinner. All from scratch. Hopefully it tastes good. Its supposed to be Outback's recipe. Wish me luck. I DON'T WANNA DO DISHES! Ugh, some days I just can't find the motivation for cleaning and other days I can't find enough stuff to clean! 

Lexi and I matched our clothes yesterday and she was so cute. I got some good pictures of her on my phone and camera but my phone is being stupid. 

I'm supposed to receive a couple packages in the mail today. I'm thinking of getting Lex a seat for the bathtub where she can sit in it and we can just fill the bath tub instead of her little tub. She loves the water. We are going to have to take her swimming again. She enjoyed herself and was quite exhausted that night. Another thing. She tried prunes yesterday and I thought she was going to hate them but she loved them almost as much as she loved bananas. She's always surprising me!

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