Sunday, August 26, 2012

The fair

Mom, Heidi, Lexi and I went to the state fair yesterday. It was pretty fun all except me getting burnt like a lobster. It was worse last night than today but I still haven't taken a shower yet and something tells me I will be taking a cool shower for a couple days. Lexi seemed to enjoy herself except for the heat. Just like her mama in that regard. For it being as hot as it was, she did amazing. She's starting to notice shadows and thinks they are funny. Its quite cute

 Tomorrow we start up the tradition again of Monday night dinners. On the menu for tomorrow, the enchiladas I made last week. They were super good and super easy. Can't wait for mom, Heidi, and Micah to try them. 

Lexi is moving along quite well in her development. She's getting very chunky and healthy. LOL! I'm going to say she's still in the 90th percentile if not higher. : ) Proud mama here. I know I am doing a good job. 

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