Wednesday, August 15, 2012


Sometimes my daughter just makes me laugh so hard! Last night around 3am she started fussing. So I got up and went in to put her paci in her mouth. I was trying to find her mouth in the dark and all I could find were legs and its normally where her head is. Then, I couldn't feel her diaper. I panicked!! So I turned on the light and she had managed to have her head facing the bottom of the crib and her diaper was off and she was away from it. Immediately I felt the bed to see if it was wet and thank goodness it wasn't. So I picked her up, put her in a diaper she couldn't get out of and then put her in jammies to make sure for sure that she couldn't get her diaper off. LOL! So then she wakes me up around 8:30 and I stumble out of bed to go make a bottle and sit in the living room waiting for her to make enough noise for me to go get her. 15 minutes goes by and no noise. Then an hour and a half goes by and no noise so I went in to check on her to make sure she is still breathing! (I do this all the time.) I stepped into her room and couldn't hear breathing which more times than not I can hear her. It freaked me out. Then I got up to the crib and she was sleeping on her tummy and I touched her back to make sure she was breathing and she moved and I knew I was in the clear. She is still sleeping. She must have been one tired girl. She makes me laugh because she HATES tummy time and the fact that I find her sleeping on her tummy is hilarious. Maybe she's a closet tummy time lover ha ha ha ha ha!

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